my backyard in winter  :)  

Winter came a little bit later in Poland than usual (in October it was three snow days but everything melted very fast).
  So when I first saw snow last week, I was so happy.

hey hello snow !!! :)

Tree in my garden...

I love snow because after darkness autumn days outside, snow made everything light around, and even at night it's still white and snw shine around. 

When snow is falling it looks so beautiful, every little snowflake is one of kind and time just stop for moment. It's something magical :)

Even if I'm 26 now I love making snow angels and here it comes my photos, they are funny!! 

 Here some steps to make a snow angel :D

1. I'm bored what to do?

2.  Here it comes, here it comes...
I have an idea!

3. Let's make a snow angel...

4. I lie down.

5. Arms and legs to the side.

6. Repeat number 5.

7. Get up.

8. And wonderful snow angel is ready :)


I and my sister really enjoy walking with our dog Leon.
Look at him and the glove in his mouth hahaha :D  

Leon and his glove :P
And something optimistic at the end of my post :)

Happy New Year :)
I wish everyone a  Happy New Year!!!
Let your dreams come true.
Joy, happiness and love fill your heart :) 

Happy New Year :) przez turbopoziomka z wykorzystaniem Tom Dixon

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